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Sport Law 4th Edition

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A Managerial Approach


Now in its fourth edition, this text is still the only sport law textbook to introduce sport legal studies from a management perspective and integrate legal strategies to gain a competitive advantage in business. Acknowledging that students understand legal concepts better when they are tied to real sport management practice, the book is organized around the core management functions. It provides concise explanations of key concepts, as well as current industry examples and legal cases, and gives the student all the legal knowledge they need to become confident and effective professionals in sport management, recreation, or sport education. This new edition includes additional contributions from leading sport law educators and practitioners, and has expanded coverage of important contemporary issues including: · Sports injury and concussion litigation · Impact of Covid-19 on events and leagues · Gender discrimination, disability discrimination, sexual harassment, #metoo, and USWNT pay equity · Intellectual property, licensing agreements, publicity rights, social media influencers, and digital privacy · Student-athletes and marketing rights · Sport gambling and state regulation · Athlete activism, employee free speech, and collective bargaining · Olympic and Paralympic restructuring · NCAA Division 1 Coaches Contracts The book contains useful features and ancillaries to help with teaching and learning, including managerial context tables, case opinions, focus cases, strategies for competitive advantage, discussion questions, and learning activities. It is an essential text for any course on sport law or recreation law, an invaluable supplement to any course on sport business and management, and an important reference for all sport management practitioners. Online resources include a variety of exam questions for each chapter, featuring multiple choice, true or false, short answer exam questions and short essay questions, and a sample syllabus.

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Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Table of Contents
  7. List of Exhibits
  8. List of Contributors
  9. Preface
  10. Acknowledgments
  11. Glossary
  12. Part I: Introductory Concepts
  13. 1 Introduction to Law and Management in Sport
  14. 2 The U.S. Legal System and Using Legal Resources
  15. Part II: Human Resource Management
  16. 3 The Employment Relationship: Creation and Termination of Employment
  17. 4 Employer Liability for Acts of Employees and Others
  18. 5 Employment Discrimination, Part I: Terms and Conditions of Employment
  19. 6 Employment Discrimination, Part II: Harassment and Employee Expression
  20. 7 Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining in Sport
  21. 8 The Law of Agency and Athlete Agents
  22. 9 Wage and Workplace Regulations
  23. Part III: Strategic Management/Governance of Sport Organizations
  24. 10 Governance Issues in Professional Sport
  25. 11 Governance Issues in High School and College Athletics
  26. 12 Regulation of Participation and Athlete Rights in High School and College Athletics
  27. 13 Governance Issues and Participant Rights in Olympic Sport
  28. Part IV: Operating Venues and Event Management
  29. 14 Liability Issues and Sports Participants
  30. 15 Liability Issues and Venue/Event Operations
  31. 16 Contract Issues and Venue/Event Operations
  32. 17 Planning and Accessibility Issues in Venue/Event Operations
  33. Part V: Marketing Management
  34. 18 Development and Protection of Intellectual Property
  35. 19 Promotional and Operational Issues in Marketing
  36. Case Index
  37. Subject Index


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